We have taken matters into our own hands – but at what cost?

Nowadays most of our entertainment and tools used for our everyday work come in the form of devices we hold in our hands for extended periods of time. Never before did we have the power in our hands to communicate, chat, game, find information and conduct business, like we do now with laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other modern electronic devices.

This power comes at a cost, however: it has its dangers in the form of electromagnetic fields brought about by these devices. The low frequency field of power cables is a source of serious exposure as well. In addition, microwaves, electric tooth brushes, hair dryers, copy machines and other electronic devices also have radiation. Radiation from high frequency networks of radio frequency and other signals is all around us in the form of electrosmog, but it goes undetected while it is negatively impacting our health more and more intensively every year. Electrosmog involves the effects of electromagnetic phenomena, which are present everywhere due to the accelerating technological advancement.

As a result, there is almost no place on the planet where this phenomenon wouldn’t be measurable.

We use portable and hand-held electronic devices kept at an arms distance, without any sort of protection between them and our bodies. Our laptops and tablets are in our immediate vicinity and we even touch our cell phones directly to our heads, keep them on us at all times like a sort of ‘third arm’.



More and more scientific research shows that radiation and the accompanying heat together can cause, not only problems with fertility, damage to the DNA and skin problems, but also other serious health problems. These devices, which are so close to us, have an accumulatively negative effect on our bodies.



With the help of long years of research, technological analysis, and the advice of experts in the field we have created a defence system.

This protective unit filters harmful electromagnetic, low and high frequency radiation, radon radiation, and geopathic disturbances as well, thus substantially decreasing the health risks of these effects.

By regularly using protection against electromagnetic radiation the cell membrane opens and problems with cell potential dissipate (despite using cell phones, basic exposure to radiation, WiFi, computers and electronic appliances). This way vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and amino acids, which are parts of a healthy diet, can be absorbed into the cells and burned for high amounts of good quality energy on a cellular level. Also, the toxic by-products can more easily be transported out of the cells and the body.  Based on radiation protection systems, our personal devices are beneficial for the ideal operation of human psychosomatics both in terms of energy and functionality.


These devices utilise technology and materials already proven useful in the EU, which we upgraded, built upon and made into a unified system. SHS SMART is part of that system

SHS SMART provides protection against electromagnetic radiation, and the concentrated background radiation brought about by multimedia and smart devices, which we use every day. The device is small and easy to place, so anyone from co-workers to loved ones and ourselves can stick it onto our devices, setting up our personal protection.



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Product parameters:

Diameter: 32 mm; Height: 2,2 mm

SMART1 Chrome:
Special extremely fine, 12-18 % chrome steel alloy, stainless steel, the surface
is treated with a special tool, laser-engraved, made with a special technique, its backside is self-adhesive.

SMART2 Decor:
Coloured, covered decorative in synthetic resin, the surface of the backside is self-adhesive.

SMART protective devices have an ideal composition of materials, which is capable of diverting or absorbing electromagnetic radiation, moreover certain organisms can use such radiation in their metabolism, utilising the energy it carries and nullifying its harmful effects.



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