SHS HOME Complex


Seeing the way science and technology are evolving we all need a harmonised life and to have that we need a form of protection.

SHS HOME offers a complex radiation protection technology, which provides full protection against all forms of negatively influential radiation in our living spaces.

We have developed SHS HOME to prevent the harmful and unpleasant effects of radiation and to decrease electromagnetic pollution, so you can relax in your home. In a peaceful home people and pets can spend refreshing time within a calm and safe environment, where we have created a radiationally harmonised living space.

Our goal is to provide protection via the natural force field of SHS HOME, so the time you spend at home may be a calming and radiation free experience, and so that your home may function as a place of total relaxation for those who live there with the added benefit of optimised quality of sleep.



STEP 1: Measurement

Gauging how much radiation there is in the environment in question.

Measuring the radiation using certified measuring instruments of international standards; it is conducted by the protocol of a report, documentation, and a technical proposition. This is an procedure based on international standards, as a result of which our protective system is in accordance with the SBM 2015 Recommendation of International Building Biology.

The protection we provide creates a HARMONISED LIVING SPACE/HOME, which everyone needs in the day and age of science and technology and in the foreseeable future.



-Shows health risks, and methods of building biological measurements, their evaluation, and helps identify problems that may exist

-Necessitates the accurate documentation of the measurements, has subcategories describing critical environmental effects.

-Has a preference for creating a risk free, well-functioning environment.


A certified report is written on the measured level of radiation and the a professional proposition is made on the necessary decrease of said radiation.


STEP 2 – installing the protective system

After the measurement the sources of pollution in the home in question become clear. Along with the electrosmog footprint we also determine, using internationally certified tests, the technological definition and optimal scope of the proposed protective systems which would decrease or totally eliminate the emitted electrosmog.

The offer contains scope, documentation, and the installation price of the radiation protection devices. Our own engineers and resources ensure the installation bearing in mind aesthetic and practical aspects for your family’s protection.

After the installation of the SHS HOME Complex system we conduct further tests to check and verify everything.





We conduct the installation of the proposed system followed by the check-ups. Upon the elimination of health risks, the space of living, now greener, receives a certificate which makes your home more marketable, and, being free of electrosmog, the value of your real estate increases.

Besides the complete protection of your home, as a result of 25 years of development, we also provide spatial protection and protective devices to ensure you and your family’s health.


Product parameters:

Width: 17 cm; Height: 100 cm

Recommended method of installation:
Determine the place and number of devices to be installed consulting the client after the measurements. Necessary number: 1 per 100m².

Colours: RAL basic: white, gold.
RAL extra: + 50 000 HUF













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